AVoD Lamen 2017 2

Throughout history there are records of the power of names and of the act of naming.  From fairtytales we have Rumplestiltskin and in Qaballah research we can find how JHVH gives instructions to Abraham and Sarah to change their names in order that they become fertile.  The name AVoD was a purposeful construct from letters that were chosen for their symbolic values.  The whole structure of the name conceals and reveals the ideology of AVoD as chartered body of Ordo Templi Orientis United Kingdom Grand Lodge.

An extended explanation of the symbolism used to construct the identity of AVoD would be too verbose and so the symbols mentioned will have to be interrogated further by the interested parties.  The name is set in such a fashion that it can be understood by individuals using their own symbol structure to find a personal interpretation if it is their will to do so.  The word is sometimes examined to see whether old text indicate that man was created to ‘work’ or to ‘worship’ the agents of creation.  The letters AVD also poke the spirit formed head into Liber 231.  The word sometimes appears as an unintentional abbreviation of avoid and it is an abbreviation for ‘audio visual on demand’.

The way we spell it the name AVoD is composed of three Hebrew letters, Aleph, Vau and Daleth.  The letter Ayin is included in its transliterated form of an ‘o’ to aid English pronunciation and to hint at a hidden meaning below the surface whose Mendes surprise style discovery can be read about in the Book of Thoth.(1)  The three letters A, V and D allude to three primal states found in various cosmological explanations and to the alchemical substances which are displayed in the caduceus.  These three forces could also be compared with the paths of Ida, Pingla and Sushumna which can be called upon in order to help balance the rising snake of Kundalini.
There is also a link to three Gunas of Rajas – energy, Tamas – matter, and Sattva – consciousness which together combine to form Prakriti unmanifested ground from which all is manifested. The uniting of such forces occurs in the higher Chakras and forms the link between material and spiritual that can be used in transformation by will through love.  The three pure energies can be combined to produce all matter, thought and spirit.

The letters run in a carefully chosen sequence that reveals their individual and group purpose.  When the letters are coloured as they have been for this website there are new links forged to further meanings.  The first letter is the most common first letter of the alphabets used by the members of AVoD.  The first letter is coloured yellow to link it to the element of Air and to the direction of
East the location of dawn.  This initial symbol of primary force is followed by the letter Vau in blue to allude to the waters of life.  There is a link here to the fluid nature of the sacrament given by the Hierophant in the Tarot Major Arcana.  The letters ‘A’ and ‘V’ are placed in serial order one above the other.  If extended they can create a glyph not unlike the square and compass and define a central point between their apexes and conjunct arms.  The letter Ayin is set at the centre all of the other letters.  It is the symbol of the eye which offers perception of the whole.  From the initial all encompassing view the letters are built up.  The green Daleth letter forms a link with the Empress Tarot Atu and to Nuit in their nature goddess roles and their abilities to act as doorways.  The letters have been chosen for various symbolic values.  In constructing the name we have also created a formation of significant shape and emblematic colour.  This is a brief description of the name of AVoD.

1.  The Book of Thoth: A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians, Being the Equinox Volume III No. V, Weiser, 1981  ISBN 0877282684